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Takar Nabam

Takar Nabam’s New Album is an Ode to his Early Life in Delhi

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Singer/songwriter Takar Nabam recently released his second album ‘This Home That Home’ which he started working on soon after the release of his debut album ‘Same Sky’. In a conversation with Vibes Northeast, he shares us about the new album and why it is important for an artiste to work on an album.

‘An album is your visiting card that can fetch you gigs. It’s very important to produce an album with good music, if an artist has to survive playing their own music.’ From being a guitarist for a metal band, Guillotine, once upon a time to playing various session gigs and now releasing his own albums, it has been quite an interesting journey for Takar. ‘I feel like I’ve become quite comfortable being who I am, that I can at least share my life’s journey, without much hesitation or fear of being judged.’

His latest album talks about his life’s journey in Delhi, where he was sent as a kid to study. ‘Not finding a guiding hand when I needed it most, I found solace in music. That’s the underlying theme of the first song ‘Independent Route’. The other songs talk about my quarter life crisis, relationship issues, predicaments I faced as a musician, which often made me question my career path.’ The album closes on a rather positive and hopeful note with ‘Receding’, this song marks the end of this chapter.

‘This Home That Home’

‘Lyrically, the inspiration came from my quarter life crisis, friendship, relationship issues and meeting someone special in this journey. Musically, I think I connected back to my rock roots around this time. Over the last 5-6 years, I had extensively heard traditional jazz, soul, neo soul, and some of it has assimilated into my music. It’s like the base of the cake is rock music, the cream is jazz, soul, etc.’

Like any independent artiste in India, Nabam also had faced financial problems in putting out the album. ‘My fiancé and my parents were kind enough to have contributed to not let my efforts go to waste.’ With the album being released now, he wants to play it live, as much as possible. Sell merchandise at gigs, and promote it on social media.

By Mrinal Paul

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