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Bleeding Note

Having been silently existing under the radar; unaided by any form of hype for over two years now, Guwahati based Bleeding Note have been working their way out of the underground and into the big time, solely through a distinctive sound. Their penchant for supercharged grooves, polyrhythmic maneuvers and solid songwriting makes them one of the most inspired Metalcore acts to have risen from, the currently dwindling Guwahati scene, in a long time. Debut Single ‘Instinct Bounds’ is a solid manifestation of straight-up in-your-face Metalcore with added pinches of palm muted high gain tones, in many ways doing justice to the Djent onomatopoeia- one that doesn’t demand too many listens to sink in. Brilliantly written and sharply produced, as are most of their other originals, the Guwahati bunch succeed at showcasing a sense of maturity and command that bands with twice their touring experience fail to display.



Currently working on their debut full-length









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