The best Northeast bands and artists

Frisky Pints

This four member indie rock band includes Joseph Dinji (Vocals/Guitars), Anggu (Guitars/Vocals), Danny Dakta (Bass/Vocals) and Valentino (Drums). It all started when Joseph met Danny in Camden Town, and after returning to India, they meet up Anggu and Valentino which in time led to the formation of the band. Although all the band members are from Mizoram, they are currently based out of New Delhi. They have performed at a variety of venues across the country and have also been part of many music festivals. The band was also handpicked by Uday Benegal to jam with him on MTV as part of the Rayban MTV Never Hides Sounds Series.

Genre: Indie Pop Rock

Listen: http://www.reverbnation.com/friskypints

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